About Gary Wilbert, Oklahoma City and Wichita Home Designer

Gary founded Midwest Plan Design in the 90s. He started out framing houses during summers; after he graduated from college he worked as a field superintendent and, later, an estimator. He began building on his own in the late 80s, which led him to discover his love for creating and designing. He moved to the design and drafting field in the 90s and has been serving happy customers ever since.


Gary’s philosophy is simple but powerful: “Listen, Collaborate, Design.” He starts with the all-important step of truly listening to his client, as step that is too often skipped by designers who believe they know what the client needs, regardless of what the client wants. Through this collaborative process, Gary can help you refine your ideas into a working plan from which builders will create a new home.


Because Midwest Plan Design is family-owned and operated, we give the very best in customer service. We aim to provide flexible design alterations when they are needed, with prompt, one-on-one service, making us the best choice to create the plans for a new home in Oklahoma City, Wichita, or beyond.


Gary is passionate about the work he does, and he strives always to make sure that clients are thrilled with the final product. Call us today to schedule a personalized consultation to begin transforming dreams into a reality.

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